Something that I have found to be a really refreshing part of the Woodworking/Maker community is just that, the sense of community and the relationships that are built up as a result. People are always willing to help out with advice and suggestions and it really adds a dimension to the experience for me.

in this same vein, I was was lucky to receive a couple of packages in the post in 2015 from fellow woodworkers and I wanted to at least take the opportunity to thank them both!

The first package I received was from Olly Parry-Jones of


Olly had made some mallets and one of them needed a new home and he was kind enough to think I would appreciate and use the mallet and he wasn’t wrong! I was blown away when I received the package in the post and to see the quality of Olly’s work.

The mallet is a great size, really functional, just weighty enough and really well put together. Having never really used a wooden mallet before, I was really impressed with using this mallet and find that it is now one of my go-to tools when using my chisels. Thank you very much Olly!

The second package that I received was from Richard Morley of Woodcraft BPW (now Brainfizz):

Richard was kind enough to send me some Auger bits for a brace style drill after having a bit of a clear out and contacting me to see if I would be interested in them.

A decent selection and in really good condition. The have managed to fill a couple of gaps I had in my existing Auger bit collection and are greatly appreciated, thank you very much Richard!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to acknowledge both gifts and to say thank you very much to both Richard and Olly. It is very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


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