Usually I don’t post about website related topics, but recently I have been having a problem in trying to get a WordPress feature to work on Shavings and Awl. After spending a few hours searching the internet, I finally managed to add the WordPress “Like” feature to the website.


From what I can gather, this is a feature that comes as standard with websites hosted on WordPress. But on websites hosted elsewhere, even when using the WordPress software, this feature is not present automatically.

I wanted to add the Like button to try and make Shavings and Awl more compatible with the WordPress/RSS Reader (Sorry, I don’t know the proper title) and also to see if I could increase interaction with the readers of the blog.

It took a while to find it, but now that I have, I wanted to put this out there so that if others are searching for the solution, there might be a search result a little quicker than any that I found.

The feature can be added through JetPack. So your initial step, if you have not done so already is to install the JetPack Plugin. After this, go to your Jetpack home screen that you will see in your administrators menu:


Form here, you will be given various features that you can access, but the one we want (in this case) is located in the “25 Other features”:

other features


If you click this and scroll down, you will see “Likes”:

LikesHover your mouse over this feature and you will be given the option of activating it.

And that is it! Extremely simple!

So simple in fact, that after a couple of hours searching for how to activate this feature, one could be excused for feeling a little frustrated at not being able to find the solution in a quick and easy way.

This post was a little off the beaten path for S&A, but hopefully this will help anyone in the same situation as I was.

Thanks for visiting Shavings & Awl.


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