This week saw a return into the workshop for me. At least, a return in order to shoot video footage for YouTube.

A group of YouTube woodworkers got together and decided to do a mass collaboration where everyone posts a project video at the same time on the same date and they all follow the same theme. The theme of this particular event was to make a kitchen utensil.

Obviously the options are many, but I wanted to make something a little bit different, rather than a spoon, spatula or a bowl (I don’t own a lathe or the carving tools to make a bowl anyway). After doing a bit of searching around the internet, I saw a few designs for some wooden pan strainers. I had never seen one before and so decided to give it a shot.

You can see a video of how I made the strainer below:

Hopefully you enjoy the video, if so and you have any feedback, please let me know. I have tried to use a few techniques in the build to get the results I was looking for, from using rasps, planes, spokeshaves and even a Mora Carving Knife. If there are any suggestions or comments regarding the methods used, I would love to hear them.


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