While I am extremely envious of the guys over in the states who are able to take advantage of the current Home Depot offers on Bessey Clamps (they are AMAZING), we in the UK have our own bargains that can be snapped up from time to time.

Aldi, the supermarket chain also have a funky little strategy of offering periodic special buys of all sorts of items that are great value for money. These items are often not premium brand, but the quality is often surprisingly good.

In the last couple of weeks Aldi have been stocking F-Clamps and G-Clamps branded as Workzone.

Now these clamps are by no means the best quality clamps you will find, but at £9.99 for 5, they are really good value for money. As the adage says: “You can never have too many clamps” and I think that these allow either beginner or budget woodworkers to boost their clamp numbers without breaking the bank!

I bought 4 sets, 3 G-Clamps and 1 F-Clamp

I bought 4 sets, 3 G-Clamps and 1 F-Clamp

The F-Lamps have a bit of a plastic feel to them,

F-Clamp straight out of the packaging

F-Clamp straight out of the packaging

With the plastic caps for the contact areas, I think that I will replace or cover these using some felt or leather pads, just so that they are more forgiving with being used.

Plastic is perhaps not the best

Plastic is perhaps not the best, especially with the textured pattern!

The G-Clamps don’t have coated contact points and instead are much more rugged.

G-Clamp before use

G-Clamp before use

The Casting isn't 100% so would need attention

The Casting isn’t 100% so would need attention

The casting for these clamps is by no means perfect, so I will probably be using pads for these.

The clamps themselves work well in holding work pieces. I have tried them both and am more than happy with the purchase, a few minor alterations and they will work an absolute treat. Managing to pick up a total of 17 clamps for under £40 (around £2.35 per clamp) was something that had to be capitalised upon! Can’t wait for the offer to roll around again!

Now all I need to do is figure out exactly where I am going to keep them! Anybody else feel a clamp rack project coming on??



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