It is fair to say that the tail end of 2013 hit me like a whirlwind and I thoroughly neglected Shavings & Awl and my woodworking in general!

Not only was I very busy with work, being away from home a lot, but family life kept me very busy in a number of ways, some negative, but thankfully mostly positive.

There were a couple occasions of note in the latter half of 2013 for me:

1. My wife managed to find a truly awesome Birthday cake for me:

Birthday Cake for a woodworker!

Birthday Cake for a woodworker!

2. My wife gave birth to our first child, a daughter:

Baby Olivia

Baby Olivia

So as you can imagine, with the arrival of our baby, our lives were turned upside down! But now that we are settling down after Christmas and New Year, I find my focus returning to Shavings & Awl and trying to progress my woodworking. So, what will I be aiming for in 2014?

Well, the next project for me to complete is building a work bench. This project will allow me to continue to progress and to try and tackle projects that I would otherwise be unable to. The workbench is currently a work in progress and the blog posts for this will be coming soon.

Alongside the bench build comes the task of trying to organise my garage so that at least a section of it is dedicated to woodworking, with my tools stored in an ordered, accessible manner.

Once the bench is completed I intend to push forward with my list of projects full steam ahead!

The bottom line is that I am looking to getting back on the woodworking wagon and getting some projects under my belt.

I think the appropriate cliché is “Watch this space…..

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